Cheap interior design

Sometimes you feel a crying need to renew your home even though the bank account does not allow for any large expenses. What do you do? One tip is to avoid impulse purchases that often become expensive in the long run and instead think through how to actually want their home. Betting on minimalism can be a way to achieve a beautiful and restful style in the dwelling, to a small peng. The motto is simply “less is more” and the items and furniture you choose to the room should fulfill a clear function. Putting quality before quantity makes investing in good quality helicopter that last a long time. The residence will not feel empty but rather calm and peaceful because there are fewer objects that pock on the attention.

Cheap renewal with textile

When it comes to furniture, you have to expect that it costs a Pak if you want a quality furniture. But is your old sofa still comfortable to sit in yesterday it is good to freshen up the look with the help of a new cover and new pillows. It does not have to cost much and the sofa will feel like new. Overall, textiles are a great way to transform a room without costing the shirt. With fabric, you can easily bring colors and patterns into the room and thus completely change the color scheme and mood.

Elevator curtain

Curtains and carpets cover large areas and by changing these you affect how the room is experienced, comparatively, this is cheap interior that brings great change. This lift curtain in a warm, red color with diamond patterns is stylish and practical to adjust the light flux in the room. Grade 3 out of 5.

Elevator curtain 1


This black and white carpet with geometric pattern from Svanefors has a subtle retro feel and the pattern for in dynamics in the room. It is available in various sizes, 70×200 cm and 170×230 cm, and is made of cotton. Grade 5 out of 5.

Carpet 2

Wallpaper wall with wallpaper

For those who want to renew a room with paint or wallpaper, but shy away from wallpapering a whole room, a wallpaper wall is a good compromise. A wallpaper wall is a wall that has a color or pattern that deviates from the other walls of the room. Of course, creating a fund wall also makes smaller holes in the wallet than a wallpapering of the entire room does. Keep in mind that darker colors make the wall feel closer to the viewer and are therefore great for creating an intimate atmosphere in the room – a great tip for the bedroom interior. On the contrary, brighter colors are perceived further away and thus give a sense of space. Think about what Wall you want to emphasize in the room and what effect you want to achieve. To a bright wallpaper wall, we recommend this wallpaper that depicts White books in a white bookcase. This simple trompe-l’œil feels modern, has a glimpse in the eye and definitely collects less dust than a conventional bookcase. The wallpaper border is 250 cm high with a width of 50 cm. Grade 4 out of 5.

Wallpaper wall with wallpaper

If you want a dark wall, this effectful wallpaper is a hot tip. The pattern imitates carefully worked wrought iron and could be taken from the gate to a castle garden-the elegance of ancient times in modern vintage. Grade 3 out of 5.

Wallpaper wall with wallpaper


A wall, of course, can be renewed without new wallpaper-a new painting can make a big difference. This lovely poster with colorful butterflies creates a harmonious and beautiful looking point in country style. Grade 5 out of 5.

Wallpaper wall with wallpaper

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