french country house interior

Cottage Interior Design

A desire for life in a country house is reflected in the rural interior style that has recently become very sought after. The style can be adapted according to the circumstances and, of course, fits perfectly even in a small apartment in the city. The interior can be elegant and worthy of a mansion, but it is often more intimate and simpler, inspired by ancient torp, and sometimes with elements of shabby chic.

victorian house interior
Victorian house interior

Mirror in wood

A lot of details made of wood are a sure tip to make the dwelling breathe country Interior. Preferably wood-clean or stained to keep that real wood feel. We have fallen for this mirror with a frame made of recycled teak. The mirror is square, 125×125 cm, and for design and manufacture stands the company Artwood. Mirrors are not only for reviewing the nun in, they also play an important role in the interior because they reflect light and thus make rooms feel morebor and spacious. Mirrors are therefore perfect to make small rooms feel bigger.

wood frame mirror

Electric Fireplace For Bedroom

Few things create such a rural homely and cosy feeling as a living bonfire. It not only keeps the fossils warm during the colder time of year, but also offers a quiet spectacle. It is nowadays few wonder to have a stove or fireplace in the home, but just because you live in apartment should not be deprived of the calming presence of fire. Nowadays there are ornamental stoves that are easily mounted without connection to the chimney and that almost the same feeling as a real bonfire. We recommend this chimney-free stove from Skill Factory. As fuel, a special kind of biofuel in liquid form is used, which is easily replenished in the container. Once filled, the stove has three hours of burning time so you get plenty of time to enjoy the crackling flames. When burning, only water and carbon dioxide are emitted so you can feel safe. The model has a classic stylish design that fits the vast majority of styles and tastes. Thanks to the small format, it can be mounted almost anywhere.

master bedroom with fireplace

Silver Candlesticks

Even a small flame of fire will help create a pleasant mood. These rustic candlesticks are sold in 2 packs and are made to be hammered into a piece of wood. Pernille Vea has designed them, inspired by the originals made by the Vikings. The candlesticks are in solid cast iron and have a simple and clean design that creates a sense of authenticity. The candlestick can of course be knocked down directly into the table top, but we suggest that you instead choose a piece of wood in nature and use as a holder. A stable log, cut to just the right height, becomes a nice rural element of the dwelling and works at the same time as small side table.

baldwin brass candlesticks

Lift Top Coffee Table

This lovely and practical coffee table on wheels will become a perfect element of the country style. Solid Elm as a frame and details in metal provides a rustic feel for use. The wood is recycled which makes each table unique and the surface of the table top testifies to the history of the wood. The dimensions of the table are 110x72x36 cm. The table is included in the series Falun which offers a bookcase and a dining area in the same style-perfect when you want furniture that fits well together.

lift top coffee table

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