Faux Sheepskin Rug


Decorating with sheepskin is a trend that never goes out of time and right now it is absolutely right. A sheepskin gives a warm and snug feeling in the room and it is especially lovely during the winter months. Put the sheepskin on the sofa or armchair, it’s nice to sit on and it can also be used as Plaid if you feel frozen. Even as a carpet it is really nice-in front of the fireplace it contributes to a cozy feeling and as a bed mat it is wonderful to put your feet on during cold mornings. A skin is also delightfully soft and cuddly for the baby to sleep on. In that case, it is most often lambskin used. As a rule, the sheepskin is larger than the lambskin, has a little coarser wool and thicker leather. While the lambskin, as a rule, is uniformly colored, the sheepskin has larger color shifts and contrasts. Sometimes the sheepskin coat has an eel, that is, a longitudinal dark stripe in the middle of the skin. You can of course also let the sheepskin come back in smaller details of the room, for example on pillows.

white sheepskin rug

Easy to keep wool clean

Wool is natural dirt repellent. To keep the skin clean, it is easiest to vacuum it regularly and shake it outdoors every now and then. If you accidentally spill the damper, you can wipe it with a damp sponge. If you need to wash it, keep in mind to avoid detergents with phosphates, bleach and other harsh chemicals that damage the skin. There are mild so-called Wool shampoos if possible well to use on sheepskin. Follow the washing advice-usually it is good to wash in machine on wool programs. Hand washing is another gentler option.

womens sheepskin slippers

Large Sheepskin lambskin

This grey lambskin from Australia comes from long-haired lambs and the 5 cm long bangs feel wonderfully soft to the skin. The flap consists of four sewn-together skins, which makes it generous – all 180×120 cm. If you use it as a mat, it covers a large surface. It is also perfect as a bedspread on the bed or as a blanket on the sofa or armchair.

Large Sheepskin lambskin

Bench with sheepskin

A variety of furniture and interior objects use sheepskin as part of the design – it is a material that harmonizes well with, for example, wood. This hand-made bench in white painted ash has a pad of Gotland sheepskin. It will be neat to combine the bench with a full sheepskin on the floor or on the couch, preferably in a slightly divergent shade.

Bench with sheepskin SONY DSC

Sheepskin cushion covers

Another interior detail is this lovely pillow case. The pillow is nice to combine with other sheepskin details in the room, but is of course quite right also on its own-please decorate with two or three pillows of the same kind on the sofa or on the bed. It is 45×45 cm in size and made of skins from curly and short-haired Australian sheep.

Sheepskin cushion covers

Cushion of sheepskin imitation

For those who prefer synthetic sheepskin, for example, this full-bodied pad is found in sheepskin imitation of acrylic. It keeps the back warm when it’s chilly and makes the armchair even more inviting. The skin imitation is easy to wash and it is found in shades white, dark gray and black. Ideal for vegans and others who prefer not to use real animal skins.

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