Inspiration Children's Room

Inspiration Children’s Room

The children’s room should be a stimulating place where they can dream away to exciting places, experience adventures among pirates, adventurers and Dragons, and be able to follow the imagination where it leads. At the same time, both children and parents want the children to confidently come back from their adventures, crawl to bed and sleep well all night. In children’s rooms it is especially important to have good storage spaces where all toys, stuffed animals and crafts can be stored smoothly when not in use. Look for storage furniture that appeals to the children-in this way it is a little more likely that they will want to pick up the toys when they have played ready for the day. Read our full guide to inspiration children’s room.

Pirate bed

Go to bed and at sea at the same time with this pirate bed that makes bedtime an appreciated moment. The bed has spacious dimensions (105 cm in width) and is made of durable MDF that is easy to clean. Hoist the pirate flag and make sure to stay well with the captain, otherwise you may be keel-headed!

Pirate bed 1

Wooden chests

These hand-carved wooden chests are made to hide pirate cats and other dear possessions in. the chests are called Bombay and sold in 2 packs. They are available in different sizes, the largest measuring 102x46x44 cm. A storage space that is both practical and beautiful, made of waxed Shesham wood.

Wooden chests

Bed with slide

In fact, life as a pirate does not suit everyone-maybe your child is rather a land crab? In that case, we would like to propose another imaginative bed that will get the leklusten started, namely this lovely bunk bed. The bed is equipped with both ladder and slide so that the child can choose how it wants to start the day – with quiet climbing or with a little speed and fling! Under the bed there is room for play and the fabric curtain makes it almost like a real room with Windows. Decorate with a reading light and lovely seat puffs and pillows so it will be a perfect cozy corner for reading fairy tales. Mattress included.

Bed with slide, 1

Wallpaper from Majvillan

To paint the walls we recommend this wonderful wallpaper from Majvillan, designed by Charlottaaleberg and made in Sweden. With its warm, yellow background and playful pattern in turquoise, white and pink, it adds both color and shape to make the room more pleasant. The wallpaper is also available with a bright turquoise bottom, for those who prefer Aeus color scale. It is good to wash off the wallpaper, making it a good choice for children’s rooms. The wallpaper is 53 cm wide and each roll holds 10.50 meters. If you think it will be too much with a patterned wallpaper on all four walls, it is perfectly possible to make only one wall with the wallpaper and paint the other walls in a shade that harmonizes.

Wallpaper from Majvillan

Door plaque: Personalised door hangers

This mischievous painting with the child’s name on will be a fun and colorful element on the door or on the wall of the child’s room. No one should have to go and wonder who is really the boss-this poster gives clear information. The poster is available in two different sizes and is also available with a monkey, the monkeys, the better.

Door plaque: Personalised door hangers

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