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Bedroom Ideas For Women

When decorating a bedroom, you first need to think through what needs the room should meet. Is your bedroom solely for rest and sleep in or does it have more features? Some people like to read in bed, then think about acquiring a good reading light that can be targeted as needed. As a basic rule, it is a good idea to let the bedroom be for relaxation and sleep in the first place and leave other activities outside. But it is you yourself who best decides what is relaxing for you. Soothing colors such as blue and green are usually recommended as base color. Red and yellow, however, have a stimulating effect and are thus not the best choice for a bedroom, but may well be used on minor details of the room. Decorate with a lot of textiles that work silencing and thus promotes a calm mood. Below we will tell you about the furniture and details of the interior of the bedroom.

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Bedroom Curtain Ideas

bedroom curtain ideas

King Size Pillows: Ornamental pads

The bed should form the focus of the bedroom. Some ornamental pillows on the bed are cozy and nice when you want to take a little nap without paranling down the bed. Or to stop behind your back if you want to sit in bed with a book or tablet. This pillow case with eyelashes may well get to be the last thing your eyes look before it’s time to stop them for the day. The case is 50×50 cm and is made in a mixture of cotton and linen. The motif is printed on both sides of the cushion cover.

target throw pillows



The bedroom is one of the few rooms in the home where you can advantageously bet on dark colors, most sleep better in a dark room so why not dare to decorate with black. This beautiful black and white carpet is made of pure cotton and is very comfortable to walk on. The pattern of the rug is at the same time classic and modern, and thus fits into many styles.

dream weaver carpet


The motif is also available as a fleece lining, which is very nice to put over the foot end of the bed and thus match the mat.


Bedroom mirror

In the bedroom you would like to have a large mirror where you can make sure that the clothes are sitting as they should. This exclusive furniture from SMD Design gives you a good overview, with its 171 cm. It also offers room to hang clothes and accessories on – feel free to pick them up the night before so you save time in the morning stress. The elegantly designed piece of furniture is made of white lacquered aluminum and is manufactured in Småland.

Bedroom mirror

Small Bedside Table

This elegant chest of drawers is an excellent piece of furniture for the bedroom. It fits well as bedside tables to set the alarm clock on and has plenty of room for small items in the drawers. The series to which the agency belongs is called Habana and is influenced by the 50’s and 60’s. It is the discreet retro feeling that gives the furniture a large part of its charm. The material is clear lacquered American walnut and the boxes are in durable MDF. The metal details also contribute to the sophisticated shape expression that the furniture has. Since it is small (65 cm high), it fits easily into the furniture and it can be easily moved when desired. This variant has the boxes painted in dark gray, but the furniture is also sold with boxes in blue, white or pink, for those who wish a little more color in the bedroom.

small bedside table

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