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More and more people are getting their eyes open for shoppingye online and also the range of e-stores is steadily increasing. For those who are short of time or far to the nearest shopping mall, it is ideal to shop online home helicopter-whenever you want, wherever you want and without having to keep track of any opening hours. Another advantage of e-commerce is that you can easily compare products and prices between different stores and thus easily find the best prices. Furniture and other cumbersome interior items can be expensive to ship, so find out how big the shipping cost is before you strike. Many online stores offer the shipping cost when shopping for more than a certain amount.

Compare prices and return terms

Shopping online means that you can not see or feel the goods before deciding. Therefore, there is always a small risk of being disappointed-perhaps the color or shape was not exactly as one had imagined. Therefore, before shopping, it is wise to find out what rights you have as a consumer and what rules apply if you change your mind. At many stores you have 30 days right of withdrawal and return shipping paid, which makes you do not lose anything on regretting. Competition for customers means that online stores are forced to keep prices down and you can make really nice bargains if you take the time to look a little.


Try to stick to a style or theme when decorating a room, so that the interior creates a whole that binds all parts of the room together. Sometimes it is at the same time perfectly ok to dare to mix styles, the main thing is that you yourself, and the people with whom you live, feel comfortable and feel at home in the rooms.

Cushion covers

Nature offers plenty of interior inspiration. We tip about this superfine pillow case Seacurl that brings to mind the sea stars, but that at the same time could imagine flowers in a small psychedelic vintage. The motif is winding and organic in a sparse and elegant way. Choose between black and olive colored pattern, the back of the pillow case is colored in the same shade as the pattern. The pillow fits well in both the sofa and the bed. The cushion cover is made by hand in Sweden and is manufactured on a limited scale. Grade 4 out of 5.

Cushion Cover 


Nature has even allowed to inspire our next recommendation, namely this lampshade from whites. The model is called Conia and it is of course the ticket that has been the model for the formation. Sören Ravn Christensen is called the Danish designer who created the lampshade, which can be hung as a ceiling or window lamp and which can also be mounted as a floor lamp. It is available in two different sizes. Grade 5 out of 5.


Photographic prints

If you like cones and minimalist photographic prints, this poster can be interesting. This graphic print measures 46×64 cm and is signed by the design pair Esa and Lisa Tanttu, working under the name Jollygoodfellow. Caring for nature distinguishes their design and production, and the paper they print is environmentally certified. Grade 4 out of 5.

Photographic pressure

Scented candle

To perfect the natural theme in the interior, we also recommend this scented candle that spreads a sense of sea when lit. Design and fragrance have been inspired by the Scandinavian coastal landscapes and the light has a full 45 hour burn time. Grade 3 out of 5.

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