Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic-furniture

Shabby chic is an interior style that blurs the boundaries between new and old, between indoor and outdoor and between utility and decorative items. For example, it is quite ok to use an old rusty milk bucket as an ornamental object. It is up to each to decide how far to take the style. Some decorate the whole home with shabby chic furniture, but it is equally possible to limit the style to the kitchen or why not the bathroom. For shabby chic are very bright colors that apply, preferably white wooden furniture that is ground to look older and more worn out on the surface. Anyone who has time and motivation can comb antiquities and flea markets in search of old authentic items, but the style allows you to mix new and old just as you feel about it.

shabby chic bedroom furniture

Display cabinet

This Nordal display cabinet is inspired by an old-fashioned window. It is perfect for those who have many small fine items to show off. Fill the cabinet with your collection of antique curiosities and let it become a beautiful eye-catcher in the living room or in the Hall. The Cabinet also offers ideal storage for the crystal glasses and fine porcelain, where you can admire their charm and let them contribute to the style of the dwelling. At the same time, they are kept in safe custody, away from dust and overly curious baby fingers. The generous proportions of the display cabinet (225 cm in height and 120 cm in width) make the Cabinet fit for the most part that you want to show off. The wardrobe is made of white painted and Vintage treated elm that gives the right worn look.

Display cabinet


Shabby chic cabinet

From Nordal also comes this smaller cabinet in vintage style. The furniture is painted in white and light green with a nice patina and has a matching wallpaper-covered wallpaper wall. The Cabinet is 81 cm high and 55 cm wide and has a depth of 22 cm. Filled with old odd coffee cups, it becomes a very charming element of a kitchen.

shabby chic cabinet


Shabby chic bed

Skånska Möbelhuset manufactures this beautiful bed with an old-fashioned romantic touch. The bed is 96 cm wide and made of black metal. Together with the right accessories, it will be delightfully shabby chic. Fill it with comfortable pillows and cozy plaids so the bed will be an excellent sofa in the living room, where it can of course also be available as a guest bed when the friends knock on the door.

shabby chic bed frame


Shabby chic pillows

To the bed you need lots of pillows-do not be afraid to mix pillows with different patterns and colors. For example, we recommend this elegant and stylish cushion with a medallion pattern from Gripsholm.

shabby chic throw pillows


Shabby chic wall shelf

This wall shelf with hooks fits nicely into a country-influenced style with its baskets and bright textile details. The furniture fits well as a clothes hanger in the Hall-the drawers offer plenty of space for mittens, hats and other things you want close at hand. The shelf is also both practical and stylish in the kitchen, where it can be used to hang kitchen towels and aprons. The drawers can be used to store clean towels and rags, and on the shelf you can put some old-fashioned juice bottles or other household items that make you think moved to the old grandmother’s kitchen.

shabby chic wall shelf


Shabby chic bench

In the series there is also a matching bench with storage baskets underneath, perfect to set in the hall to get more storage space and somewhere to sit while lacing the shoes.

shabby chic bench

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