The Shabby Chic Interior Design

There is something special about old objects. Each pinal has its own story to tell. Shabby chic takes advantage of the nature of objects and creates a living world around them. Typical for the style is the pursuit of a homely snug feeling. Bright colors predominate-the basic color of the furniture is often white. A feminine and romantic touch in the form of, for example, floral patterns and lace is another consistent feature of the style. But, of course, it’s up to everyone to create their personal interpretation of the style. Having time and patience, you can create your own shabby chic interior with flea market finds, paint andalepaper, which will give the furniture a beautiful patina. If you do not have the time or the opportunity to engage in painting projects, you might as well buy new ones. For shabby chic, it is free to mix old and new as you like. Here are some suggestions for furniture that will help you create the style:

Coffee table

As a coffee table, this casket will be excellent. On top, put a white lace cloth from the second hand store – the cloth can be colored with tea if you want it to look older and more yellowed. As a decoration, set a beautiful vase or an old-fashioned can with cut flowers in. chests offer practical with storage space for things you do not need to access so often, such as pillows and duvets to the guest bed.

Coffee Table 1

Decorative bottle

Ideal for creating the shabby chic style is this charming laudanum bottle in vintage style that looks to come from an old pharmacy. Use it as a vase for A2015 rose, to serve juice in or simply as an interior detail in its own right.

Decorative bottle 1

Elegant bathtub

This senselessly elegant and timeless bathtub sets the style of your bathroom. Made in fiberglass reinforced sanitary acrylic, it is not only neat, but also durable and easy to clean. The lion paws in metal are Dot over in which makes the tub very chic element. Combine with some rustic and worn items to bring to a good balance between shabby and chic.

Elegant bathtub 1


This light lamp provides vintage vibes and is made from the natural materials metal, bamboo and jute. Perfect to brighten up the bathroom just in time while bathing in your lion’s taut bath or cuddling out on the porch one evening. Inside is a glass cylinder that prevents the flame from blowing out and the lamp can be used with both teal lights and block lights. The lamp has dimensions 21,5×32,5 cm.

Lamp 1

Elevator curtain

A pointed lift curtain from Boel & Jan becomes a rural beautiful and romantic framing of the window. The curtain is fastened by means of tie straps and is made of pure cotton in the restful shade of off-white. The curtain is available in different widths so you can find one that suits your particular window.

Elevator curtain 1


Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the computer keyboard and rediscover old-time writing materials. A Griffel board adds an old-fashioned charm and is also convenient to have to write shopping lists and make notes on important things. Or to note conceivable quotes to keep in mind during the day. The board measures 60 × 100 cm and has a wooden frame of Elm, the corners are reinforced with metal details for a more rustic look.


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